Welcome to Master Gardens

Dedicated to sustainable cultivation of the highest quality cannabis.

Master Gardens is a cutting edge, medical cannabis facility located in Portland, Oregon. Oregon has been long renowned for premium, hand crafted connoisseur products, and Master Gardens builds on that foundation, a dedication to sustainable cultivation of the highest quality cannabis. Through the utilization of state of the art technology along with innovative and industry leading farming methods and techniques, we consistently provide our patients and exclusive retailers with the highest quality medical cannabis available. We have aligned ourselves with top level manufacturers and service providers to ensure our facility is at the leading edge of the dynamic and rapidly changing cannabis industry.

We utilize clean room technologies and standard operating procedures to minimize contamination and utilize holistic, sustainable practices to mitigate pest and mold populations. Patient safety is of paramount importance at Master Gardens, and all our medicine is meticulously tested to confirm and ensure quality. While we are confident in our techniques, industry experience, and the implementation of our technologies and service providers, we strive for continued innovative evolution through constant research and development, from genetics to pest abatement to horticulture. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality, patient safety, and consistency while mandating better management practices to ensure sustainability, efficiency, and conservation are of equal priority.